How many times have you said, or heard, the following within your personal life or profession in the last year, month or even the last week?

      ... “That’s not what I meant!”  

      ... “But I thought you said....”  

      ... “This isn’t the way I thought it would be!” 

      ... “Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?”

      ... “If we had only put these things ‘on the table’ in the beginning.”

      ... “Wow, I didn’t know you felt that way.”

      ... “We should have put it into writing.”

      ... “Sorry, but that wasn’t included.”

      ... “If that’s what you wanted you should have said so upfront!”

      ... “I don’t recall you ever saying that.”

      ... “I apologize, but I just didn’t understand it was that important to you.”

      ... “You should have known what I was thinking. It’s so obvious!”

      ... “It surprises me that you feel that way.”

      ... “Now you tell me!”

      ... “I shouldn’t have taken it for granted that I understood your needs.”

      ... “In retrospect I was clueless!  Is it too late to repair the damage?”

      ... “Just send me a proposal.”

      ... “We never seem to be on ‘the same page.’”

      ... “I never said that.”

      ... “What will it take for us to see ‘eye-to-eye’ on things?”

      ... “I just assumed  _________________!”

      ... “Excuses and alibis!  Why don’t we have more accountability?”

      ... “Why are their suggestions and ideas so ‘out of touch’ with our needs?”

      ... “I wish product or service providers could know and respond to my needs.”

An adventure in commerce dedicated to:

  1. better expression and understanding between people in all contexts of their   life, work, business, institutional and social interactions

  2. destroying assumptions, confusion, frustration, regrets, disappointments and avoidable failures in relations

  3. enabling successful relationships or transactions

  4. fundamental improvements in both online search and marketplace efficacies

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Let’s face it, across many dimensions of our lives we often fail to effectively express our needs, aversions, propositions or ideas to others.  Conversely, in many instances either we don’t listen well or don’t pursue true dialog to add clarity to our communications.  Sometimes we’re remiss in gaining another’s acknowledgement and feedback to better assure us of their understanding, responsiveness and accountability.  Additionally, with the passage of only a brief amount of time our memories tend to be less than fully accurate.  When you combine all these factors there’s no mystery why human interactions are prone to chronic confusion, frustration, disappointments or breakdowns. 

Great Agreements is pleased to offer its first innovation, ShakeTool, a web-based application designed expressly for forming and sustaining better relationships and transactions.  It does so by amplifying the effectiveness of information exchange in personal, workplace, business, professional and commercial contexts.

To make your life or business better, we suggest you apply this simple application often at work and throughout your life.  We encourage you to use this “tool of understanding and agreement” for better communications and results with the kids or your spouse, spouse-to-be, or perhaps spouse-that-was and certainly with your boss, subordinates, peers, contractors and suppliers.  You may also benefit by applying this tool with customers and prospective customers, between teachers and students/parents, athletes and coaches and with friends, partners, associates, candidates, parishioners, pre-contract negotiations, recruiters, alliances, and for that matter, with anyone who you’re depending on ...or that’s depending on you. 

Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to say what needs to be said by a trusted third party providing a neutral setting, simple structure and equally-balanced utilities for both parties.  It’s also can be a very good thing to have an independent, trusted, unbiased entity managing all information in a confidential manner and offering a readily accessible private repository for memorializing your various agreements.  Yes, more reasons for ShakeTool!

To sum it up, we encourage you to utilize ShakeTool to guide and instruct in all the big things, and all the little things, residing between yourself and others.  Begin making your expectations, needs and aversions known.  Gain other’s acknowledgement, agreement and reciprocal needs in more reliable way (thus making your and their future less risky and less prone to misunderstanding, frustration and disappointments).  We pledge to help you effectively communicate your respective proposals and counter-proposals by clear, point-by-point expressions to gain understanding, discussion and archived “Shakes” for future reference.

We invite to share with us your suggestions, ideas and concerns for doing so will allow us to better serve you and others.

Begin using ShakeTool to make your life, relations and transactions better.

That’s why!